Winning gold at Chelsea

One of the things we love most about what we do, is having the privilege of working alongside brilliant businesses and organisations. Sublime is all about honouring the people we work for and helping to release the full potential of every project for every client, large or small. Life is busy, but every now and then there’s a moment that forces us to stop, take stock and be truly thankful for the people we work with.

This is one of those moments.

Over the past few months, we’ve had the honour of working closely with The Modern Slavery Garden team on a whole host of design, print and production requirements. This morning in London at 7.30am, the garden’s hugely talented designer, Juliet Sargeant, was awarded a gold medal at RHS Chelsea Flower Show – a beautiful moment of incredible emotion and celebration. Of course, there’s beauty, talent and excitement everywhere you look at Chelsea and The Modern Slavery Garden has all of this, but this garden also tells a deeper story.

Behind the colourful plantings and beautiful oak doors there is a darker centre, which hints at a hidden reality; people still being kept in captivity and forced to work, in every part of the UK today. We pray that each and every person who gets a glimpse of The Modern Slavery Garden this week, would have their eyes and ears opened to the truth that slavery still exists today, and that together we can start a movement to help make tomorrow slave free.

We count it a huge privilege to have been part of this adventure and to witness the beautiful offering of talent, resource and dedication that has brought this garden to life – a project that we are believing will bring new life to those without a voice.