#Share the love

In February this year, we were contacted by The Martlets Shopping Centre in Burgess Hill to organise, execute and manage a social media marketing campaign for Valentines Day.

The brief was simple, drive more footfall to the shopping centre and increase likes, followers and engagement on Facebook and Twitter.

Having worked closely with The Martlets before on projects for Burgess Hill Town Centre Partnership, we were very comfortable with the audience and had a good understanding of what sort of mechanic would work.

After brainstorming, the team decided to implement an interactive scavenger hunt competition – giving Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers the chance to win one of seven branded goody bags, each containing a box of chocolates and bottle of champagne to be shared with their Valentine.

The campaign was run the two weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, with the first week consisting of pre-promotional marketing appearing online and within the centre.

The social media pages were branded with the competition creative including new header and profile images. During the competition, all related posts and content, as well as boosted generic content with relevant news from around the centre was handled internally.

Poster frames, lamppost banner systems and advertising in the town centre were all utilised to give the campaign prominence and with those who were not already following the social media pages.

During week two, every day at 12pm Facebook Fans & Twitter Followers had the opportunity to win one of the goody bags. At this time, we posted a photo clue to social media, revealing which store within the shopping centre contained the prize.

The first person to find our staff at that day’s store, won the prize. Once the gift was claimed, the winner was asked to have their photo taken with our branded photo frame, providing additional content for social media. Engagement on the winner’s photo posts was particularly noticeable, gaining multiple likes and shares.

Overall, the campaign was highly successful. Facebook engagement (likes and shares) was increased by 2,496% and saw a total reach of 37,545 – an increase of 9,482%! Additionally, we increased the Facebook Likes by 63% and Twitter Followers by 21%.

So what did we learn? For one, Facebook Ads provide an incredibly dynamic and rewarding platform that can be used to help build audiences and improve engagement. These can maximise the potential of any campaign and help to quickly increase Facebook Likes. We now recommend this to any of our clients looking to boost their audience.

We also learned that social media is ever changing and not one size fits all. While this particular campaign worked for The Martlets Shopping Centre, it is important for businesses to work closely between their audience and marketing team to create an approach that works best for them.