Broadcast Bionics

Broadcast Bionics write the software that radio stations use to put callers on air. So if you’ve ever been ‘caller 2 from Brighton’, chances are your voice went through their kit. These days they do a lot more than talkshow systems. Radio has changed a lot in recent years and producers and station managers need new and innovative ways to connect with listeners in this hyperconnected world. Broadcast Bionics make a bunch of smart tools that give stations the edge in audience engagement, whilst giving the talent in the studio more headspace to focus on making their best radio yet.

Broadcast Bionics needed to tell the world that they were no longer just about talkshow systems. They needed a brand identity that reflected their smart (AI) products, and a brand architecture that allowed a wide range of products and services to coexist in a clear and consistent way.

We began working on a new brand identity and architecture at the start of 2018. By April they were exhibiting in Las Vegas with a custom built stand at the world’s largest show for media and technology. Then in September we flew to Amsterdam to visit the team on their stand at another large broadcast and tech convention. We produced promotional print and screen content needed for the shows, whilst also keeping up with the rest of the marketing schedule.