Healthy things grow

It’s true. A well-watered plant that has the right amount of sun cannot help but grow. If your business is healthy you can, and should, expect it to grow. One of the key ways businesses can prepare for growth is to ensure their brand story is well documented for everyone to capture the vision, mission and heart of the organisation.

Sussex based SaaS* company Breathe were growing fast and needed to do just this. For Breathe, it was less about reinventing the wheel, more about identifying the gold that was there all along.

So we set to work to learn all we could about Breathe. We soon discovered that Breathe has a huge heart for the UK SME market and a genuine desire to see businesses thrive. Breathe not only help business owners and managers become more effective in their work, they champion the value of healthy workplace culture for healthy business. They also run training and networking programmes to ensure the people using Breathe have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed. Breathe empower people and organisations to be everything they can be. ‘Empowerment’ has become the brand essence. As well as writing positioning statements and a new tagline, we coined the phrase ‘Smart work’ to celebrate the people who know that their time is valuable so use Breathe as a smarter way to manage their HR admin and save them time.

We brought everything together in a brand book that combined the Breathe story with some guidelines. We then added in their company values and unveiled the refreshed identity to their team with an internal launch event, complete with goody bags!

As the orgainsation moves forward, they do so in the knowledge that every person and supplier involved with the business are united in helping Breathe know its place, tell its story and thrive in what is an incredibly competitive market.

*Software as a Service