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"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses."

Henry Ford


Brand Development, Employee Launch, Product Identity

A refreshed brand identity for an award-winning HR software company on a mission to help UK SMEs understand the true value of a positive workplace culture.

Breathe are revolutionising the way SMEs think about HR. The refreshed identity makes HR human again and reinforces their message that putting people-first is good for business.

“Matt and the team at Sublime have led us through the branding process to create a solid foundation that is future proof and has everything we need to grow well. Since we refreshed our brand in 2018 our customer base has grown by over 40% and I attribute much of this to the level of engagement we are able to achieve by being a brand that people connect with.”


Rachel King, Marketing Director

‘Smart work’ unites everyone around the idea that being part of the Breathe family is a smart choice. Breathe’s time-saving products enable HR managers to get more done and uses love being able more in control of booking time off work.

“A key objective in Breathe’s brand development was to convey the company culture to new and existing team members in a much shorter amount of time. As part of this Sublime worked with our internal marketing team on a brand launch where each team member was given a book of our culture and identity as well as some fun branded swag bags! Everything worked together brilliantly to build energy and excitement among the team for the way ahead”.


Jonathan Richards, CEO

Breathe creates content. Lots of it. It’s how they have become a leading voice in the HR world, and an increasing number of business owners and HR managers turning to their blog and resources for insights and answers. The refreshed identity streamlined the design of guides and reports, ensuring the aesthetics are as strong as the content.

A clear product ID architecture provided a framework for new products to be added to the Breathe brand and brought to market with ease.

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