Creating standout photography

Matt Freestone took the amazing portraits that accompany our bios. Whilst he was shooting, we got chatting to him about how he started and where he’s going from here.

Matt is a photographer and television cameraman living on the South Downs in West Sussex. He has a passion for images and lighting and has been creating images professionally in one form or another for more than twenty years. 

How did you get started?
I first picked up a film camera when I was a boy and it was my Dad who really introduced me to photography. I got my own camera and lenses in my teens and then really developed a love for images when I studied photography at A-level. That was when I was introduced to the delights of black and white, film developing and darkroom techniques for printing.

Where do you want to be in your career? Or are you already there?
I never forget that I’m in a privileged position as someone who loves his job working in the creative industries. I always wanted to do it, I worked hard to get there and now I’m doing it! But it’s good to strive forward and improve, so I’m always keen to learn new things, build the business further and experience more of what life and the world of photography can offer. Occasionally, I catch myself dreaming about what I’ll do when I grow up, but unfortunately I already know my application to NASA to be an astronaut would fall at the first hurdle…

What’s the most interesting job you’ve ever worked on?
In my television life, I’ve been fortunate to work on some great events: four general elections, a Golden Jubilee, a royal wedding and the Olympics among them. In photography, my first big commercial contract was really exciting. We refreshed all the corporate images for a Thames dining cruise company, which involved many days on the river in London (including some small fast launches alongside the bigger main boats) photographing people, food and the stunning night-time London scenery.

Matt Freestone Photography

What would you like to work on? Any bucket list photos?
In a sense I’m very happy to be on a continual journey of finding my photographic niche, but I certainly do enjoy commercial photography that helps individuals and companies to sell their business and brands more effectively. In an age where everybody has a camera on their phone in their pocket, I still believe that strong, creative visuals are a huge influence for almost all of us when we’re making choices in business, at home and for leisure.

I’m still looking for that perfect image of the Northern Lights. As for people, I’d love to photograph the film directors James Cameron or Steven Spielberg – people who have spent their lives crafting beautiful images. Then again, I think I’d be tempted to just put the camera down and ask lots of questions about the film business and what it was like working on those cinematic blockbusters!

Favourite way to spend your down time?
Family walks in the countryside, drinking craft beer in a cosy pub with mates or playing music in a band with friends. All thoroughly enjoyable, especially if you can combine all three in one day!

Matt Freestone Photography

You can find Matt online at and on instagram and twitter.