Sublime is a creative design agency based in West Sussex. We craft exceptional design that tells your story. From refined visual identities to impactful brochures, we fuse business and marketing know-how with creative design to ensure each project reaches its full potential.

At Sublime, we’re passionate about releasing the full potential of every project. We spend time getting to know you and understanding what you need. This enables us to do our best work and provide the most intelligent response. Our attention to detail ensures finished results that stand up to the highest scrutiny.

Our clients come back to us time and time again. Firstly, because we’re good and we stick to our word. Secondly, because there’s not much we won’t help with. We’re not afraid to dream big and challenge the old ways. For us it’s all about the end result, so we often partner with people who specialise in things we don’t do to ensure the best possible outcome.

our small, refined team

I started Sublime in 2009 and we’ve been on an exciting journey ever since and we’re honoured to serve some amazing businesses and organisations. Yes, we’ve grown up a bit and we even moved out of the broom cupboard into a proper studio, but our heart for making a real difference and delivering excellence in all we do is the same today as it was on day one.  

When I’m not in the business, I’m getting stuck into busy family life with my wife Sarah and our three children. We’re part of a wonderful community Ashington Church, where we get involved in all standard aspects of rural church life… from playing drums and running conferences to driving Landrovers over the South Downs – all in the name of the One who made it all.

I joined Sublime in September 2014 and am responsible for managing and delivering a lot of our creative project work. Alongside this, I get involved with helping shape the direction of the business as well as developing our own marketing strategies. I love the challenge of a new branding project and the opportunity to deliver something truly unique that’s going to make a difference to a client for years to come.

Outside of work, you’ll find me hanging with my wife Sarah and our two little ones, playing badminton, footbalI and guitar and kicking back with a full fat Coke on the rocks.

I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and have an MFA in Imaging and Digital Art. I work alongside Mark and Matt on client projects, from branding to email newsletter design and everything in between. I’ve got a real passion for print – there’s nothing quite like holding something you’ve created. I love everything ‘type’ and you’ll often find me sketching catchwords in my notebook.

In my free time, I love walking Moxie (my Boston Terrier) along Hove Lawns. (I’m also told by others in the office, that I’m not a bad baker, but they are keen to sample a few more things to be sure!).